Academic Institutions (AI)

CVL NAD is designed to upload all types of Academic Awards. This includes Mark Sheets, Transcripts, Degrees, Convocation Certificates, etc. Different AIs can choose to upload the documents they wish to host in CVL NAD.
AIs can be University/Board/Assessment Bodies, the apex body which issues Awards. Colleges/Schools/Institutions affiliated to AIs will be registered into the CVL NAD System by AI Admins.
How to on board CVL NAD?
AI to sign an SLA (shared by MHRD/UGC) with CVL NAD
As per MHRD/UGC guidelines, a separate National Academic Depository (NAD) Cell has to be established in the AI with a dedicated Nodal Officer as the Point-of-Contact
AI to confirm the Award Upload Model – Data Model or Image Model
Creation of AI Administrator
Upload of Award Data as per prescribed file format and prerequisites
Maker and Checker process will be followed for both the models
Digital Signature required for all Awards upload