As an important Stakeholder, Students will benefit the most from CVL NAD. Some of the envisaged benefits are:
View linked awards
Download of digitally signed copies of Awards
Verification - Non Registered and Registered Verifiers
Maintain own Profile Data and get printout to submit at AI for Award Mapping
Depository Portability
24X7 accessibility to all the Awards
Elimination of carrying physical copies of the Awards
How to register?
Student Registration – With Aadhaar (Note: Student registration with Aadhaar is possible only if Mobile Number is seeded with Aadhaar database)
Student to fill online details along with Aadhaar Number and submit
One Time Password (OTP) is sent to the registered Mobile Number for verification
After successful verification, few more fields are to be filled and submitted online
Email will be sent to the Student post successful registration
Post successful registration, User can login to the website using Aadhaar/NAD ID/Email Id
Award linked to the Aadhaar Number of the Student will be shown
Student Registration – Non- Aadhaar
Student to fill up the form online
Upon successful submission, NAD ID will be generated
Student can log in using NAD ID/Email Id
Student profile will remain inactive pending AI verification
Student to take the print out of the profile page and get it verified from an AI
Post verification from AI, the account will be active
Student can log in to view linked Awards to the NAD ID
Student can update Aadhaar details later